Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sometimes u might feel that u will be happier alone
But it's always nice to have someone to laze around with

Someone to think about,
Someone to care about,
And someone to share ur joy,

So take a chance,
U'll never know what u will get
Untill u have really tried,

so if there's somebody you miss...
tell them that you do...
cause there's something only love can do...


noushy syah said...

yeap true indeed!!

Tell the person rite away coz you never know if tomorrow never comes!!!

Have a gr8 ww/end dear.

MZ said...

ni di tujukan pada diri sendiri atau pada sang bulan? :p
*semesti nya bukan untuk pak cik :-" *

zura lias said...

hehehe..yeah, dh kirim sms..thanx noush..{hug}..

erk..utk sesape saje yg ade perasaan yang paham akan paham..*maksud tersirat ni*